Map Editing Progress

Today I updated my map editing system to allow voxel addition, removal and type changing. This has allowed me to quickly make some actual game maps within the game rather than having to edit an ugly text file. Map save functionality is not yet implemented so these are lost when closing the game, but that is for another day.

A map with 4*4 = 16 chunks of 8*8*8 = 512 blocks for a total of 8192 voxels rendered

Having got to this stage, I experimented with largest map sizes (chunks of 64×64 for example) but immediately faced performance issues. There are plenty of optimisations and addition features I can implement to improve this, so that will be once of the next steps. I will look to explore frustum and back-face culling, and implement a non-naive meshing system and see where that leads me in terms of performance. For now, it is quite distracting making and editing these little maps!

A very blocky hut

I am happy with how it’s progressing, and feel like I’ve a never-ending list of features I’d like to implement. I’ll get to them all one day!


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