Map Editing Progress

Today I updated my map editing system to allow voxel addition, removal and type changing. This has allowed me to quickly make some actual game maps within the game rather than having to edit an ugly text file. Map save functionality is not yet implemented so these are lost when closing the game, but that … [Read more…]

Voxel Engine

I’ve been getting back into game development in my spare time, working on a Voxel engine as a learning experience. Eventually I’d like to build it into a game, but for now I’m focusing on the base system. I originally investigated this idea just over a year ago, but put it on hold until about … [Read more…]


I have just graduated from the University of Surrey with a Masters of Engineering degree in Electronic Engineering (1st class). In October, I start a PhD in Scene Understanding in the CVSSP department at the University. My hobbies, and some of the things I plan to post about, include Ultimate Frisbee, Computing/Technology/Electronics, Computer Vision, Programming … [Read more…]